Familias Especiales Santa Julia Billiart


Projects and Programs

A café and art store. WNWP has also provided material aid that is vital to the continuation of the multiple projects of Familias Especiales, which serves over a thousand families of handicapped children in Matagalpa and beyond and employs 54 local persons. Programs offered by Familias Especiales include a special education center; a handicapped accessible children’s park; a yogurt and cheese factory; a café and art store; a sign and printing company; a paper recycling program; a mental health program; the wheelchair workshop; neighborhood outreach and development programs; A handicapped accessible children’s park.women’s empowerment programs; domestic violence intervention and prevention programs; physical and horseback riding therapy programs; and more. WNWP ships an average of 2 forty foot containers of supplies and equipment to Familias Especiales each year. The material aid includes clothing, school supplies, basic medical supplies, household supplies, toys, bed linens, sewing supplies, craft and art supplies, personal care supplies, stuffed animals and physical therapy equipment, and of course wheelchairs and mobility devices.

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