Maria Genara receptionist and now...

Star Sightings in Matagalpa, March 2010

Maria Genara, receptionist...

Maria came to the city off Matagalpa determined to get a job to take care of her four children. She began working as a domestic but within six months she lost her job and had to be admitted to the hospital. Both of her legs were amputated. Her life kept turning from bad to worse. She was dependent on her neighbors in Lucia Mantilla one of the most isolated barrios in Matagalpa. She came to Casa Santa Julia for arts and crafts. Maria Genara in her new wheelchair from Wisconsin/Nicaragua Wheelchair Project.We invited her for an interview and realized she could do the receptionist job. She only had up to a 3rd grade education but she was sharp and eager to learn. The rest is her story as Maria has grown in her job even learning the basics of computer.

Recently she received an electric wheel chair, I feel great. I have learned so much. I am free and I can keep growing. Maria is also the mother of a special daughter who now works in Casa Dorothy Stang. As Maria says, My faith keeps me going and so I dont even recognize limits.
Maria Genara - I am happy because I now have a way to get to the activities in my barrio and I have more friends and I have faith and a deep desire that I am going to be able to study now that I can get around.

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